Neoquímica is ISO 9001 and 22000 certified. Assuring our responsibility to our quality and food safety systems, top management established, implemented and communicated the following Quality Policy:

- Ensure compliance with the legal requirements.

- Reinforce our market position and, at the same time, expand and increase our quantity and quality services. Together, we will successfully shape our future.

- Look at our customers and suppliers as a long-term partners aiming to creat consistency and trust.

- Each one of us, according to the corporate culture, is responsible for his tasks and actions under the scope of the Quality Management System.

- Health and Safety are essential requirements to the work performance. It is our intention to prevent work accidents and occupational diseases. General Director assures that heatlh and safety are taken into account in every activity.


Being distributor of food products and ingredients and additives to these products, Neoquímica commits itself to have the same safety patterns of a food industry.

A system was put in place according to HACCP principles that allows us to identify and eliminate potential defects and hazards since the reception, going through warehouse until customer delivery.

The Management guarantees that the policy lies within the objectives of the organization and commits to comply with the requirements and continuously improve the efficiency of the Quality Management System.

The Management will allow the quality objectives to be understood and closely followed in the entire organization, with clear leadership from top management.

The Management commits to making all adequate resources available in order for the objectives to be reached.

The Management commits to a continuous improvement in relation to the satisfaction of the customers’ needs and expectations, as well as of all other interested parties.

The Management will ensure that this improvement will be formulated and communicated efficiently, and will be reviewed as to its adequacy at regular intervals.


Neoquímica is  ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 22000:2005 certified.

ISO9001:2015  ISO 22000:2005

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